Investment Leadership Program (ILP)

The ILP is a rotational program which provides university graduates with foundational knowledge of the investment business and is the perfect start to an investment career.

It is focused on intense on-the-job learning and complemented by a broad range of structured training. In addition senior employees are constantly involved to coach the program members on their personal and professional development. The program members are providing active support for investment decisions by doing thorough research on various sectors and industries, performing detailed financial analysis of companies across sectors, preparing presentations and delivering quality work in a timely manner. All program participants are working on real life projects and are full team members. The preparation for the first level CFA certification is also part of the program and we expect all participants to pass the exam during the duration of the program.

The successful completion of the Investment Leadership Program opens the doors for the next step on the investment career ladder and further personal and professional growth serving Emirates Investment Authority and the UAE.

This unique opportunity is only open to UAE National candidates.

For more detailed information, please click on the image below to download the program brochure.

ILP Brochure