Using prudent investment strategies in accordance with global best practice, the EIA takes pride in its highly diversified investment portfolio, spread across a variety of investments and instruments which are carefully and thoroughly managed to ensure superior, risk-adjusted returns to deliver long-term financial value to the UAE.

Our capital is strategically deployed and monitored to ensure that the risks involved in each of the underlying assets are within limits and the investment activities generate the desired financial goals.

Our strategic portfolio boasts a number of key regional players across sectors, leaders in their respective industries. Two of the EIA’s most notable investments are significant holdings in Etisalat and Du, two of the more progressive and robust telecommunications companies in the Middle East and North Africa region. In addition, our investment portfolio is truly global. It incorporates a solid network of reputed and world-class fund managers.


Backed by a team of investment specialists and analysts, EIA is able to identify and assess emerging investment opportunities and trends that will further enhance the organization’s portfolio, looking beyond short-term cycles and focusing on long-term value.

The investment team at the EIA works hand-in-hand with our portfolio companies to support their respective growth plans and to improve their performance. The institution:

  • Actively participates as a Member to the Board of Directors.
  • Assists in improving accountability and corporate governance.
  • Seeks to support and enhance management skills and capabilities.

In doing so, the EIA contributes to developing our portfolio companies, to protecting and enhancing value and to achieving growth.